Ayyappan Brass Coated with 1 Gram Gold Idol

By Devotional Store

Ayyappan is a popular south Indian deity who is worshipped with utmost dedication and devotion. Sabarimala is considered as the abode of Ayyappan. He is said to be born from the union of Shiva and Vishnu(At that time Vishnu was in the disguise of a beautiful woman-Mohini) That is how he acquired the name Hariharaputra. The Lord is considered as the exterminator of sorrows and he the giver of peace and prosperity. An idol of Ayyappan is worth keeping in your Pooja Room.


Height :12.5cm

Weight : 600g

Width : 6.5cm


Height :21cm 

Weight : 760g

Width :7.3cm


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