About Us

DevotionalStore - A Complete Store for Idols, Pooja Room Items and other Devotional Items

DevotionalStore is a unique online store where you can find unparalleled collections of peculiar and distinct products.  At DevotionalStore, products related to spirituality, devotion, art, and culture are available for sale. We through DevotionalStore want to bring special products to you in the most convenient and fitting way.

Indian culture which is rich and varied is based on the amalgamation of different culture and traditions. There are many traditions and they have their own symbols which are used by the followers with utmost respect and love. DevotionalStore presents such handpicked artifacts collected from different parts of India for sale.

The most interesting feature of DevotionalStore is that we provide an easy solution for buying products which are more than goods for both the producers and buyers.

We bring different products collected from various sources, which also belong to varied region and culture to DevotionalStore and make DevotionalStore a place where different cultural elements meet.

Moreover, DevotionalStore also has a  noble aim of promoting artists who are involved in the production of traditional art and also artists who develop their own style of art. DevotionalStore acts as a quality platform for the artists to display their work for sale and promotes artisans for earning their livelihood.

This makes DevotionalStore unique in its own way.

We have products such as idols(krishna idols,ganesha idols,buddha idols,hanuman idols,jesus idols, ayyappa idols)books, Gemstone jewelry, handcrafted eco-friendly ornaments, paintings, wood carvings and CDs.

We want our customers to be proud and happy to shop with us, as DevotionalStore is a humble effort to bring the most authentic traditional and spiritual products to your door.