Seated Buddha Statue (Plaster of Paris)

By DevotionalStore
  • Statue of Buddha in meditating posture wrapped in beautiful shawl
  • Meditating face with half closed eyes.
  • Material : Plaster of Paris
  • Color: Dark Maroon
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    Seated Buddha is a beautiful piece of art. Buddha followed the middle path. The Middle path is a way to balance all the extreme emotions and situations in day to day life. Buddha in meditating posture has a calming impact . All most all statues of Buddha are in meditating posture. Even in standing posture, his eyes are half closed as in meditation. Buddha idols and statues have a tranquilizing impact. It can bring a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

    Weight: 875 gm

    Height : 27.6 cm

    Width : 14.5 cm

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