Kamadhenu/Gomatha Brass Idol Coated with 1 Gram Gold Idol

By DevotionalStore

Gold Gomatha/Kamadhenu is an adorable sculpture of a cow along with its calf. The cow is a sanctified animal in the Hindu culture and is respected like a mother. She is also known by names like Surabhi or Kamadenu. Gomatha is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Worshipping her facilitates constant inflow of wealth and even favours family life. Own this great piece of worship carved out in gold plated material.  

  • Idol has Gomatha with Calf
  • Most auspicious idol
  • Ideal for performing Gomatha pooja at home.
  • Brings prosperity and wealth
  • Material : Brass coated with 1 gram gold


Height:- 12cm


Weight:-1.495 kgm

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