Payyannur Pavithra Pure Silver Ring

By Devotional Store

Payyannur Pavithra Mothiram is a special traditional  ring, wearing it is a sign  of good luck. The practice of wearing rings made of Garba grass exists as a mark of performing sacred rituals. Pavithra ring is a replica of Garba grass ring in Gold. It  is unique and it is made only by Chovvatta Valapil family at Payyannur. The ring  is  sacred and it is considered to represent sacred elements of nature. The artisans who make Pavithra ring lead an austere life, they don't  consume non-vegetarian food and fastings on special occasions. The ring is crafted by artisans, differently for each individual based on person’s birth time. To make a ring , artisan needs to know the name , date and time of birth of the individual. The make of this ring is closely connected to the Payanur Subrahmaniya Swami temple. Ring making is a time-consuming  process which is made strictly by following the age old tradition. Once the ring is completed, it is kept for Pooja at the Payyannur Subrahmaniya Temple. The prasad will be dispatched along with the ring.


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