• What Is The Speciality Of The Sitting Posture Of Lord Ayyappa?

August 24, 2016 3 Comments

Ayyappa Idol is very much different from other Hindu idols. Usually three positions are there in which the Hindu idols can be seen erected in the temples - Sitting, Standing or lying.

Ayyappa’s sitting posture is called Yoga asana, which is different from the posture of other idols. Yogasana is meditating post.

Ayyappa Idol

The lap is not kept free, like other Gods which has the worldly meaning of providing space to the concert. 

The left lap is considered to be the seat or place for wife/ concert.

Ayyappan is considered as the Brahmachari ( observing celibacy) - Naishtika Brahmachari

Unlike other Gods who sits on flowers or thrones, Ayyappa sits on pita (on feet) 

Ayyappa’s posture is more like balancing on foot rather than on sitting on the hip. Balancing on foot is difficult and not an enjoyable posture.

The belt on legs has many stories associated with it. But the underlying meaning is maintaining a territory of observance. It shows the control over the mind. 

Abhaya mudra is set on his fingers, which shows fearlessness. 

Ayyappa Idol has a space that shows the universe of thoughts.

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        3 Responses

        Arjul Sach
        Arjul Sach

        July 29, 2019

        It is consort*…not concert


        December 01, 2016

        Very much helpful information, even I am worshiping ayyapa since my childhood but by knowing this information I can fulfill my heart nd can pray with knowing the full meaning thank you who gave this valuable information.

        U nirmala nair
        U nirmala nair

        November 20, 2016

        Very informative messege,many of them donot know how to be during the vratham period.i would like your goodself to inform the people who go to shabarimala what will.be the consequence if proper vratam is not taken.Iam very happy this page has given a detailed information about lord ayyappa.thankyou

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