• Things You Must Have for Preparing Vishu Kani

April 10, 2017 2 Comments

A reasonably sized Uruli is used to arrange the Kani. Uruli is an open-mouthed shallow circular vessel made out of bell metal, available in all sizes from a diameter of a few inches to even 10 feet.



Raw Rice (Unakkalari) is the first ingredient that goes into the Kani Uruli to act as a support base for the other items.

Placed over that is a freshly laundered and pleated white Kerala style dhoti with golden embroidery(Kasavu pudava).

vishu kani fruits
Followed by a carefully selected golden coloured cucumber, betel leaves(vettila), ripe areca nut(adakka), jaggery, fruits like mango, jack fruit, banana, grapes, apples and a shining brass hand mirror(valkannadi).


bhagavad gita

In many places, Ramayanam or any of the holy scriptures written on Palm leaves (Grandham) is also added to the auspicious constituents of the Kani arranged in this Uruli.

coconut deepam


Then keep a pair of halved coconuts upright, filled with oil along with cotton wicks.



After this a gold coin or gold ornament is placed. Ashtamangalyam may also be kept in the Uruli.



Then in a small flat-bottomed vessel is kept a little rice, a silver coin and some flowers.

Keep the Kani Uruli in front of the statuette or picture of Sree Krishna.



Then decorate the Kani Uruli, and the surroundings with Konnappoovu known as Indian Laburnum or golden shower cassia.

 Place a lit bronze oil lamp (Nilavilakku) nearby in such a way as it imparts a golden-yellow hue to the ambience.

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preman cp
preman cp

April 14, 2018

Vishu detels

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