• Rules and Regulations for Kanni Ayyappan or Kanni Swamy

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The first timer to Sabarimala hill is called 'Kanni Ayyappa' or 'kanni swami'. Kanni ayyappan has to follow many rules and regulations before going to Sabarimala. The rules and regulations are set to be followed for the cause of initiating the person to experience the spiritual awakening. 

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Main dos and don'ts are enlisted below:

  • 41 days Vritham has to be observed before going to Sabarimala Darshan.

  • Kanni ayyappan Should keep his body clean by taking bath twice a day.

  • Should observe Pooja twice a day, before sunrise (6AM) and after sunset.

  • Kanni Ayyappan should have control over his mind and body.

  • Should have only Vegetarian food during the days of Vritham, it will be good if kanni ayyappan can avoid food containing Onion and Garlic.

  • The mind should be focused on Lord Ayyappa. Ayyappa slogans should be chanted regularly. 

  • Should not wear Slippers or shoes while traveling and walking

  • He Should Wear black or dark blue dress during this 41-day vritham

  • Kanni ayyappan should not cut his hair and cut his nails. 

  • Kanni Ayyappan should be compassionate towards poor and should get indulged in charity. 

  • Respect everyone and should be calm to elders and others. 

sharam kuthi

Sharam Kuthi and Kanni Ayyappan Myth

  • The first time goers (Kanni Ayyappan) should mark their arrival by placing an arrow at Sharam kuthi. 

  • It is considered that Ayyappa and his group discarded their weapons after defeating ‘Maravapada’ at this spot.

  • There is also a myth that Ayyappa promised Malikapurathu Amma that he will marry her and end her waiting when there will be no arrows at sharam kuthi and no kanni ayyappa.

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