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October 13, 2017


It's time to make preparations for the next great festival Deepawali/Diwali. Lighting up diyas, collecting and distributing sweets and gifts, family get-togethers and so on. But the most important thing about Diwali are the Lights. Lights are so important in our lives that we cannot imagine a life without it, spending time in darkness. Darkness brings with it doubt and obscurity, Darkness is insecure. Diwali is all about removing that darkness by lighting up lanterns around us and within us to banish all that blocks our path to happiness. 

 In most of the states of India, this glorious occasion is extended to a five-day celebration rather than restricting it to one day. Like any other festival of India Diwali too has a story to say and as we travel the stories differ from state to state, region to region. The most famous of the legends is the homecoming of Lord Shri Ram and Sita to Ayodhya after 14 years of Vanavas. Another legend is that of the Asura Narakasur being defeated and killed by Lord Krishna. No matter what the stories are behind Diwali, it is truly a festival that we all eagerly await in a year. 

Home decor ideas for Diwali 

It is when festivities are around the corner we get the time and space for prepping up our homes and go hunting for decors to modify our dwellings. But with so many options to chose from one could get confused. So let us help you with some tips to deck your home for this Diwali. Indulging in shopping for new home decors is something most of us enjoy and when it comes to Diwali there are a few must-haves for its celebration. 


Diwali Home Decor Items | Diyas

Diyas are a major element in Diwali. Deepawali/ Diwali literally means a series of lamps. This Diwali lets go organic. Let's throw off those plastic lamps and go for environment-friendly earthen diyas. One could buy Earthen diyas and paint them to make it look more attractive. Handpainted diyas are a creative piece of decor that one could add to their collection. 

Diwali Items

If painting them seems like a waste of time, one could buy Handpainted terracotta Diyas or Ceramic Diyas in attractive shapes and bright colors. Heart shaped Diyas, OM shaped Diyas and Lotus shaped Diyas are a few trendy options that are available in the market for this Diwali. For all those green lovers Leaf-shaped green color diyas and Sea Blue color Ceramic Diyas are also a new option for this Diwali 

Buy Brass Lamp for Diwali DecorFor a stronger and studier choice of a lamp, Brass lamps could be an option. You could buy Brass Jyothi Diyas for decorating your staircases or slippery floors. This brass diyas will have more space for storing oil and will last longer than the ceramic diyas. Brass diyas also comes with a stand and will not spill oil like earthen diyas.  Brass lamps come with a lot of alternatives when it comes to size. Three step Adukku vilakku or Alankara vilakku is a great option for Pooja Room especially if you are planning special poojas or aartis for Diwali. 

Ashtalakshmi Vilakku 

Ashtalakshmi Vilakku | Diwali Home Decor

Ahstalakshmi Vilakku is a type of brass lamp which has eight different forms of Lakshmi crafted meticulously on the lampshade. The eight forms are Adi Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Dhairya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Santana Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi, Vidya Lakshmi, Dhana Lakshmi. Lighting up these lamps in your Pooja room  and Living spaces as centerpieces will be a great idea for this Diwali.  Ashtalakshmi Vilakku can also be used to light other diyas as they are considered to be very auspicious and important for bringing peace, prosperity, and health. 


Diwali Rangoli Designs

Rangolis are another major decor for Diwali after Diyas. No Diwali is complete without colorful Rangolis among the home decors. Rangolis bring the feel of festivity just like the diyas and add more color among the lights that brighten your home. If you are not familiar with drawing Rangolis you could get ready to stick multi-colored Rangolis for this Diwali. This traditional rangolis can be embellished more by placing lamps on top of them. 


Diwali Uruli

Brass Urulis were utensils that were used in temples to make Prasada. Today this antique makes an amazing decor for your home not just for Diwali but throughout the year.

Uruli - Diwali Festival Home Decorations

You can fill this Brass uruli with water and deck it with colourful flowers, floating scented and decorative candles and diyas etc. They make a beautiful centerpiece in living spaces or can be used as centerpieces for tables.

Hanging  Brass Lamps   

Antique pieces makes a wonderful home decor. Handcrafted hanging lamps are also a trendy option for lighting up your staircase or front porch space. 

Ganesha Lamp Diwali Home Decorations

Diwali torans, Recycled Lanterns like Old bottles filled with series lamps, Old jars, Paper cup lamps are other stylish options for making this Diwali a bright one. 

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